About Bourne Pilates

About Bourne Pilates Studio

We are a fully-equipped STOTT PILATES® studio conveniently located at the College Business Park on the Upland, Claremont border. Offering private, semi-private and small group Pilates classes, we are here to provide you with an invigorating workout experience in an inviting environment. Whether you are a beginner, recovering from an injury or a professional athlete at an advanced level, we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

About Bourne Pilates

April Ruffner – Owner

April Ruffner is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor with over ten years of experience. Her Pilates journey began 15 years ago when seeking relief from lower back pain. After a few sessions, she immediately felt the tension ease and began to fall in love with the idea of balancing the body through movement. She loved the exercises so much and how they felt in her body, she wanted to take her Pilates understanding and knowledge to a whole new level. 

She started the instructor training at John Garey Pilates in Long Beach. She has been trained in all of the apparatuses: chair, mat, reformer, ladder barrel, Cadillac, barre, etc. April has a unique way of teaching and combining technical knowledge with intuitive skill. April enjoys yoga and hiking in her free time while raising her three children.

April has worked with a variety of clients ranging from professional athletes, to beginners. She loves working with groups and the unique energy everyone brings. Her love of service and catering to each client shows.

Taylor Santos

Taylor is a certified Pilates instructor through Mt. San Antonio College. She has an associate’s degree in Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Philosophy. She has experience working with a wide variety of individuals including athletes, cancer patients, pregnant women, and seniors.

Glenna Ewart

Glenna discovered pilates over 20 years ago while recovering from a back injury. Realizing the variety of benefits she began her journey to become certified in the Stott method. Glenna thinks pilates is a smart way to workout, it can reduce aches and pains, prevent injuries, increase flexibility all the while making you stronger leaner and de – stressed

Ibrahim G. Dhalla

Fondly known as “Immy” to his many friends, he was born in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, and later moved to the US in 1981 with his mom, sister, and stepdad. Immy has always had a passion for aiding others.

During his high school years, he initiated a wellness group dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits. This pursuit led him to a career in massage therapy, recognizing his innate ability to spread positive energy through touch. Graduating swiftly from I.P.S.B., Culver City, CA, he joined Burke Williams day spa in 2004. There, he swiftly gained recognition for his genuine connections with clients and colleagues, offering uplifting conversations and healing touch.

His journey at Burke Williams spanned over 17 years and encompassed various roles. Starting from the front desk, he worked his way up to become a lead therapist, capitalizing on his knack for customer service and motivation. Immy’s dedication led to positions like Manager On Duty, Massage Mentor, Assistant Facility Manager (Pasadena location), and Senior Recruiter. He even graced the Red Carpet at prestigious events such as the Golden Globes, Grammy’s, and Academy Awards. Modern Luxury Magazine featured him as one of the top 5 Massage Therapists in 2015.

Balancing his professional growth, Immy continuously hones his skills by globetrotting to learn the latest techniques and modalities. Amidst his acclaim in his field, he remains a hands-on father to his four children, finding solace in family time and Southern California hikes. Immy is undeniably one of the most selfless individuals, firmly believing in the power of giving. Don’t just take my word for it – experience it firsthand. You won’t be disappointed.

Holistic Bodywork by Ibrahim

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