Group Pilates Sessions

Group Pilates Sessions

Practicing Pilates offers amazing benefits. We know that it strengthens your core, improves your balance and stability, and improves mindfulness. But, have you ever thought about the social advantages doing Pilates offers? When it comes to Group Pilates Sessions, there are some great benefits!

Group Pilates Sessions

Make New Connections

In today’s mobile phone dominated and social media driven world, we could do just about everything we need to do without any human interaction. However, there is something that technology just can’t replace: face-to-face connection with other people! Joining a group fitness class satisfies our desire for interaction with other people. Humans are all social beings and what better way to feed this need than in a Group Pilates Session!

Friendly Environment

When you choose to connect, interact with people and take part in doing something you love, you will find yourself with people who have similar interests. Pilates group fitness classes are always filled with an interesting diversity of people and personalities. Meeting new people can expand your social circle, create business opportunities and build new relationships. Working out with  friends is fun!

Accepting Atmosphere

If you are a beginner at Pilates don’t hesitate to join one of our group pilates sessions. Our group pilates sessions are filled with a range of different skill levels. We offer beginner classes to help ease you in with a group at your skill level. group pilates sessions are warm, welcoming and led by instructors who understand that we are all   beginners at some point.

Skip The Planning

At Bourne Pilates, our experienced and skilled instructors will plan a great workout that accommodates all participants. All of our group pilates sessions are easy to follow with personal guidance and support when it’s needed. Join a group class and you’ll only need to prepare for a great workout. Leave the  workout plan to us – it’s one less thing you need to think about!

Motivation Matters!

We know it’s sometimes tough to fit in a fitness class. At a Bourne Pilates group pilates sessions, you will be more inspired and motivated when you join other individuals on the fitness journey! Our expert instructors will encourage and you going strong and you’ll be energized by the dedication of of your classmates that will get you through and feeling great! You may even find that you push yourself and work harder in a group setting!

Fitness That's Fun

You may have thought that working out was a chore but, at Bourne Pilates, you’ll find that group classes are enjoyable! A great workout in a group setting can be inspiring and fun as you work to reach your goal. You’ll also feel like the time flies! If you struggle with making time for your Pilates workout or you’re feeling in a workout rut, consider joining a group pilates session. It can make all the difference to your fitness levels, and you’ll have a good time, too!

Pilates Is Proven

If group classes offer so much benefit, what makes Pilates such a special choice for fitness? To gain the real social benefits of group fitness, you need to choose a sport that offers long-term fulfillment. Pilates has been proven over decades to improve fundamental strength and increase our mind-body connection. Not a fly-by-night fad, Pilates will provide you the fitness challenge and benefits you’re looking for, plus the social benefits you crave.

In order to join a group equipment class you need to learn the basics: the Pilates principles and how to use the equipment. Take one or more private sessions before joining a group class.

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